CORE Design Studio is a design/build studio founded in 1995 by Fiona McGettigan and Alan Krathaus. Our focus is in branding, web design, exhibition and environmental graphic design, as well as public art projects. Many of our projects use a variety of material and media types for our design solutions. Our client base is made up of cultural, non-profit organizations, educational and architectural offices, urban planning groups, restaurants and retail, and a variety of businesses.

Services include: brand strategy • exhibits (masterplanning, design, content development and fabrication) • user interface design • website design and development • publications • signage and wayfinding • environmental graphic design • public art • mobile education units • hand-crafted artist books


312 Bayland Avenue
Houston, TX 77009


The elements of this station pay tribute to the history of medical science, and the individuals whose relentless curiosity has for thousands of years improved the quality of our life on earth. Placed within the TMC, it implicitly connects the work of today’s pioneering clinicians, caregivers and scientists to the discoveries of those who came before them. Running the length of the station is a timeline of Medical History from 100b.c. until present and 20 granite columns depicting important individuals from the field of Medicine from Hippocrates to Watson/Crick.